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Quarry Planning & EIAR

Quarry and Sand & Gravel Pit Planning and EIAR

Kingfisher Environmental Consultants specialise in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR) and Planning Applications for Quarries and Sand and Gravel Pits.  We provide an all-in package which includes survey drawings, maps and the necessary notices and environmental reports.  We also carry out site suitability studies for new quarry developments including a full scoping and pre-planning exercise.  We provide clients with a cost-effective all-inclusive planning service.

To date we have prepared in excess of 25 Environemntal Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR) documents and planning applications.  We were actively involved in the Section 261 Quarry registration process on behalf of clients.  We retain a panel of specific experts in areas such as archaeology; noise and vibration; hydrogeology, traffic who work closely with us on specific projects.

We also provide a unique service where we specialise in preparing Environmental Reports as part of planning applications and Local Authority Further Requests for Information.  Examples of which include Ecological (Flora and Fauna) Reports, Appropriate Assessment Screening Reports and Natura Impact Statements (NIS) and Hydrogeological Reports to name a few. 

Whether it is a Green field development or an expansion of an existing quarry or sand and gravel pit, we work closely with our clients to meet their expectations and goals and focus on pre-empting potential obstacles from the start.  Our knowledge of Planning Law ensures that we can provide a unique environmental and planning consultancy service.

Our professional yet personal approach to important planning applications is appreciated by our clients and relevant Local Authorities alike. 

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