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ELV/Car Dismantling & Scrap Metal Recovery Waste Facility Permits

Kingfisher Environmental Consultants specialise in Waste Facility Permit Applications for scrap metal recycling facilities; car and truck dismantlers and ELV and ATF facilities and other waste recycling facilities and to date we have prepared in excess of 80 Waste Permits Nationwide.  We provide an all in package which includes survey drawings, maps and the necessary notices and environmental reports.  We also carry out site suitability studies.

We have extensive legal and planning experience in the preparation of planning applications for new and existing recycling facilities including Environmental Impact Statements (EIS); planning reports; planning submissions and appeals.

We also offer specialist Waste Management Consultancy including addressing Section 55 Notices served under the Waste Management Act 1996;  Waste Collection Permit Applications; Waste Licences to the EPA; and Environmental Management Systems including the implementation of ISO 14001.  We form an essential link for your business in liaising with Local Authorities keeping your business operating within standards set out in Irish and European Environmental Law.

We have specialist legal and environmental expertise with the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations S.I No. 821 of 2007 and the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Amendment Regulations S.I No. 86 of 2008 and the End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive and Regulations.

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